Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Forward|Blogging for Profit Begins With a Long Term Plan

This is post number 2 that I sent over to my main blog for the simple reasoning being that those who follow me for a long period of time I wish for therm to be able to see all of my work.  Click on the highlighted link below to go to rest of post.

A large number of folks out there dream of making money blogging, which is truly not out
of the reach of any ordinary person. With a good work ethic and a strong understanding of
the technology available for blogging a person can have success. The unfortunate thing is
that very few folks every make any money with their blogging efforts. There are two basic
reasons that attribute to this failure.

  • Many bloggers misunderstand the time required to build up a readership. This in turn leads to frustration for them with how little money they make blogging.

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