Thursday, March 17, 2011

Forward|How Can You Make Money Blogging?

I started my blogging efforts here at this address, but have found my pace now so am forwarding these to my blog that will be showing these as well as all of my future efforts online.  Have a bit of worry about having some duplicate content out there for google to be looking at with that ugly old bot.  I feel that I should have all my work showing at both places for these few articles so that for those who follow a persons progress blogging, they can have these for reference to compare my progress.

So following is a short excerpt of the full article that can be found on my fulltime blog.

With blogging becoming a mainstream method of communicating, a huge group of established business's are looking for the answer to how can you make money blogging and how they can become involved. Many of these established companies are using blogs to show a personal side to their customers.

One way that these companies institute a blogging program is to hire an established blogger. They have this blogger create a weblog that will allow the company to brand themself and their products. By doing this the company can create a positive feeling from their customers. Many a struggling blogger, from a monetary standpoint, has been hired by a large firm for this type of job. And because of it made a good quality income.

A person will find that there are two quality ways that can answer the question: How can you make money blogging?
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